BREAKING: Clinton to Use WayUp to Find a College Student to be her VP Running Mate

(CNN)According to inside sources within the Clinton campaign, the former US Secretary of State is using unconventional practices to ensure she wins the millennial vote for the Democratic Primary. Clinton has posted a job on WayUp, a website for college students to find jobs and internships, to search for qualified student candidates to join her on the road to presidency. Although candidates usually don’t pick running mates until after the nomination, Clinton believes having a college student on her ticket will give her a leg up on Senator Bernie Sanders.

This is a decision which comes as no shock, knowing the younger liberal voters have been “feeling the bern” since Sanders announced his candidacy. Though a large part of her platform is about empowering college students to get an education free of student loans, it seems that Clinton wants to take it one step further, and empower students who have their eyes set on the Vice Presidency.

While many critics have accused Clinton of using a cheap strategy to secure the college vote, those working for the Clinton campaign assure voters that her motives are sincere. When asked for a comment, a Clinton spokesperson said, “The candidate strongly believes in the power of America’s youth and will begin reviewing resumes early next week. So far, we’re pleased with the quality of candidates from WayUp.”

CNN acquired a copy of the job listing posted on WayUp. According to the job description, Clinton is looking for an “ambitious, hungry government major who has a strong understanding of meme culture, is a Snapchat expert, and thinks that Bernie is all talk and no show. Being a YouTube celebrity is ideal, but not required.”

Obama weighed in on Hillary’s decision to use WayUp to find her running mate. “I think it’s a great idea. I told Malia to apply. Youth are America’s future, and we need more young minds running this great country.”

The question is: Will this sway any of Sanders' voters to "go Hillary", or will millennials see this move by Clinton as a desperate attempt to get their vote?